Things I Don’t Feel Bad about Quitting

I used to be fastidious about finishing every book I started and completely cleaning my plate at the dinner table.  (My parents were a bit old school)  However, I've since learned to shrug off the guilt about abandoning certain things half-way.  Here are a few examples:  Desserts--as much as I hate wasting food, if it's … Continue reading Things I Don’t Feel Bad about Quitting

What I’ll Be Eating for the Next Two Weeks

Here's something I may not have mentioned before: I'm a terrible cook!  I grew up with a father who loved cooking, and always assumed I'd marry a man who could cook.  In college, I subsisted on toast, Easy Mac and (when I was feeling fancy) rice with frozen vegetables.  It wasn't until I started dating M, a … Continue reading What I’ll Be Eating for the Next Two Weeks

The Road to “Positive”

Okay, I’ll admit it—yesterday’s quote about positivity is more something I aspire to than something I exhibit.  Depending on how much of this blog you’ve read, you probably guessed that already! The truth is, staying positive is often easier said than done.  When life gets tough, the silver linings can start to get lost in … Continue reading The Road to “Positive”