When It’s Just Not Working…

I wish I had better news to share, but the only thing I can do at this point is be honest.  I wrote recently about my struggles to resolve the motivations of characters in my novel by strengthening their backstories.  As fun as it was to take that journey into the past with my characters, … Continue reading When It’s Just Not Working…

February Project Updates: Lunar New Year Edition

Monthly Project Updates are a series I began to hold myself accountable for finishing the many projects I start, and to document the ups and downs I encounter along the way. I hope it also makes for an entertaining or thought-provoking read! Welcome to another Singapore edition of my Monthly Project Updates! Until I get … Continue reading February Project Updates: Lunar New Year Edition

The Roots of the Future Lie in the Past

I’ve been writing in fits and starts recently. This was partly due to distractions (mostly happy Chinese New Year related things!), but the bulk of my problems were caused by the fact that I couldn’t get my story straight. I’ve written before about how I let my characters drive my story and sometimes take it … Continue reading The Roots of the Future Lie in the Past

Alternative Facts

Just as Gwyneth Paltrow revolutionized divorce by coining the term “conscious uncoupling,” America’s newly inaugurated president is revolutionizing lies by dubbing them “alternative facts.” Whatever your political views, you have to admit that this is kind of brilliant. “Yes, I know that there is video footage of me devouring an entire cake, but the alternative … Continue reading Alternative Facts

January Project Updates: New Year Edition

This is going to be a weird and different post. 2016 has been a weird and different year. If you’re here for project updates: First, thank you for taking an interest in my life! This blog would be much less fun to write without your responses! Second, please feel free to bypass the dark hole … Continue reading January Project Updates: New Year Edition

Goal Setting:  Shoot for the Moon?

I’ve always struggled a bit with setting realistic goals.  I’m an “everything, and the kitchen sink!” type dreamer.  However, I’m realizing that in order to get things done, I need to scale back my ambitions and focus on the essentials. Writing a novel is a massive project, and through this process I’m accountable only to … Continue reading Goal Setting:  Shoot for the Moon?