August Project Updates

 Monthly Project Updates are a series I began to hold myself accountable for finishing the many projects I start–and to document the ups and downs I encounter along the way. Hello!  I’ve been MIA for awhile… life has been busy.  (Mostly good busy!)  Weekends have been full of barbecues, brunches, and house hunting.  Weeks have been … Continue reading August Project Updates

30 Days

Finally--the conclusion to my month-long blogging challenge!  It has been difficult at times, and certainly lived up to the word "challenge," but I somehow pulled it off!  (Well, if you count this post for June 30... which it isn't quite in my current timezone...) This has been an interesting month in many ways.  First, it … Continue reading 30 Days

The 5 Stages of Hearing Negative Feedback

I got some negative feedback at work today, and immediately became extremely defensive.  I'd like to blame it on the fact that I've been sleep-deprived, but... I'm beginning to think that it's a destructive behavior that's come out several times in the past few years.  After giving myself some time to think about the situation, … Continue reading The 5 Stages of Hearing Negative Feedback


A productive weekend is a good weekend, but when a weekend whirlwind of productivity smashes into a hectic Monday, things get rough.  I'm more of a sprinter than a marathon girl, so I get burnt out easily!  I'm heading into the week feeling a little drained, but I'm trying to stay positive, productive, and sane … Continue reading Scattered

Confidence! (or the lack thereof)

The funny thing is that it's just a feeling.  There aren't always facts and evidence to support it (although sometimes there are)--but it creates a reality of its own.  The fact is, the mere existence of confidence makes you more likely to succeed, and a faltering of confidence almost ensures that you won't. It seems like … Continue reading Confidence! (or the lack thereof)

Things I Don’t Feel Bad about Quitting

I used to be fastidious about finishing every book I started and completely cleaning my plate at the dinner table.  (My parents were a bit old school)  However, I've since learned to shrug off the guilt about abandoning certain things half-way.  Here are a few examples:  Desserts--as much as I hate wasting food, if it's … Continue reading Things I Don’t Feel Bad about Quitting