August Project Updates

 Monthly Project Updates are a series I began to hold myself accountable for finishing the many projects I start–and to document the ups and downs I encounter along the way. Hello!  I’ve been MIA for awhile… life has been busy.  (Mostly good busy!)  Weekends have been full of barbecues, brunches, and house hunting.  Weeks have been … Continue reading August Project Updates

“Make America Relate Again”

How many Americans have, over the past year, felt disturbed and demoralized by the hateful discourse and lack of unity in our country?  I know I've been struggling with it for a long time, and hoping, desperately, that someone would find a way to bring understanding--or at least civility--back to political discussions. Well, it turns … Continue reading “Make America Relate Again”

Does It Actually Make Sense to Buy a House?

It's conventional wisdom I've bought into my entire life: "If you're renting, you're just throwing money away."  I never questioned the theory until M brought it up during what was otherwise a pleasant and uneventful walk. "What if I just took the money we saved for a downpayment and invested it?" I dismissed the idea … Continue reading Does It Actually Make Sense to Buy a House?

Confidence! (or the lack thereof)

The funny thing is that it's just a feeling.  There aren't always facts and evidence to support it (although sometimes there are)--but it creates a reality of its own.  The fact is, the mere existence of confidence makes you more likely to succeed, and a faltering of confidence almost ensures that you won't. It seems like … Continue reading Confidence! (or the lack thereof)

The Road to “Positive”

Okay, I’ll admit it—yesterday’s quote about positivity is more something I aspire to than something I exhibit.  Depending on how much of this blog you’ve read, you probably guessed that already! The truth is, staying positive is often easier said than done.  When life gets tough, the silver linings can start to get lost in … Continue reading The Road to “Positive”

“I was born here, but I don’t want to die here”

There’s a certain kind of story that fascinates me—the story of someone who, for their entire life, has felt a deep urge to pursue a specific path in life.  Often, this path is risky, unconventional, and hard to explain to others.  Maybe they’ve been discouraged from pursuing it, were anxious to begin, or faced ridicule … Continue reading “I was born here, but I don’t want to die here”

“People say I’m stubborn, but I refuse to believe it!”

Have you ever been taken aback by the way other people perceive you?  Recently my mom called me “stubborn,” and I was genuinely surprised.  It must be true, because I’ve heard it before from other people, but it’s something that’s completely invisible from my perspective.  It’s definitely food for thought, and something I’ll try to … Continue reading “People say I’m stubborn, but I refuse to believe it!”