No TV November

sharp-1844964_1920Ah, November.  As the days get colder and darker, and my motivation to leave the house decreases, I’ve given myself a new challenge to pursue: no watching TV for the month of November.  (Granted, you would be hearing a slightly different version of this if I had not managed to finish binge-watching Stranger Things on the last day of October!) While it’s probably not the weirdest goal I’ve inflicted upon myself over the course of writing this blog, I feel that it requires at least a little bit of an explanation.

The reason is time.  TV is *the* biggest time suck that affects me daily.  Between working long hours, taking an online class, and doing, you know, normal life things, there isn’t much time left over.  It’s easy to spend it sprawled out on the couch under a cozy blanket and zoned out in front of the TV… but too often, that becomes my entire evening.  There are too many things I want to do to spend time watching TV!

I’ll get to my November Goals later, but first, three ways going without TV has affected my life so far:

1. Face-to-face dinners

Yup, no more built-in entertainment during mealtime.  M and I eat across the table from each other and actually *talk* to each other while we eat!  As someone who sometimes just wants to zone out for a while when I get home from work, I was kind of dreading this a little… (is that bad?)… but so far it’s actually been pretty fun!

2. More motivation to go out on weekends

If I haven’t mentioned how much of a homebody I am yet, I’ll say it again.  If I can go a day without leaving the house, I often will.  In fact, if I didn’t have a job, only hunger, occasional boredom, and the need to do laundry would force me out!  The default weekend for me and M has always been the “lazy” weekend, with vague plans that usually disintegrate into hours of… (you guessed it!)… watching TV.  But now, we don’t have that fallback.  I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be doing Saturday, but I can tell you what we won’t be doing!

3. More time for projects!

M and I have started a writing project together (a series of speculative fiction sketches), so even in the absence of Ozark and BoJack Horseman, we’ve created our own kind of escapism.  On top of this, I’m hoping to read more, blog more, and *shudder* go to the gym regularly.

What are your plans for November?

Photo Source: Pixabay

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