“Make America Relate Again”

How many Americans have, over the past year, felt disturbed and demoralized by the hateful discourse and lack of unity in our country?  I know I've been struggling with it for a long time, and hoping, desperately, that someone would find a way to bring understanding--or at least civility--back to political discussions. Well, it turns … Continue reading “Make America Relate Again”

Does It Actually Make Sense to Buy a House?

It's conventional wisdom I've bought into my entire life: "If you're renting, you're just throwing money away."  I never questioned the theory until M brought it up during what was otherwise a pleasant and uneventful walk. "What if I just took the money we saved for a downpayment and invested it?" I dismissed the idea … Continue reading Does It Actually Make Sense to Buy a House?

30 Days

Finally--the conclusion to my month-long blogging challenge!  It has been difficult at times, and certainly lived up to the word "challenge," but I somehow pulled it off!  (Well, if you count this post for June 30... which it isn't quite in my current timezone...) This has been an interesting month in many ways.  First, it … Continue reading 30 Days