Chess: The Marital Match Continues

pexels-photo-chess king

M and I have been busy this week, so it’s taken us until tonight to have time to sit down over another game of chess, in spite of our resolution to play weekly.  Even though I’m 0 for 3 against M, I feel like I learn a little bit more each time.  I’ve gotten better at evaluating moves and thinking several steps ahead… but I always seem to fall short of achieving “check mate.”

Part of the reason is probably that I get too caught up in lesser goals, like plotting to take out my opponent’s pieces, trying to trap the queen, and attempting to get a lucky pawn across the board.  This short-sightedness is probably in part because when I used to play with my sisters growing up we used a modified set of rules: we completely ignored the king (the most useless and boring piece on the board), and focused on taking out the other pieces!

Still, my bad habits in chess remind me a little bit of my bad habits in life.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day challenges and lose sight of the big picture!  Tonight’s game was a good reminder to think beyond my cluttered to-do list, and consider my larger goals–and to pay more attention to M’s boring, useless king!

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4 thoughts on “Chess: The Marital Match Continues

  1. Well put. I’m not sure what sort of wedding you plan to have, but I know it’s all too easy for brides-to-be to get got up in all the planning and preparations and organizing. In the end they’re so overwhelmed they forget to even enjoy the big day! The most important component is the uniting of you and your fiance’s being, the metaphorical king! 🙂

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    1. Oh boy–my wedding was actually last year, and it was a fiasco for so many reasons! Even though the wedding itself was a lot of fun, I’m SO glad I never have to go through the work and drama involved with planning a wedding ever again!


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