A productive weekend is a good weekend, but when a weekend whirlwind of productivity smashes into a hectic Monday, things get rough.  I’m more of a sprinter than a marathon girl, so I get burnt out easily!  I’m heading into the week feeling a little drained, but I’m trying to stay positive, productive, and sane as I face the rest of the week.  My plan of attack:

  1.  Sleep more.  This blog might suffer a bit.  The kitchen floor might not get cleaned as frequently.  The world won’t end!  Cranky and sleep-deprived is no way to go through life!
  2. Make time for relaxing activities at home.  It’s hard to go from full-blown productive mode to sleep mode without a transition in between.  Plus, taking a little time to enjoy life every day helps prevent burn-out.
  3. Re-prioritize.  There are certain things that need to get done.  (See above: sleep.)  There are others that can can be scaled back and simplified–or pushed off to a less busy time.  Acknowledge that your energy is finite, and strategize to get the most from your week.

I plan to continue blogging daily for the rest of the week, so you will find out in real time whether I make it to the end in one piece–or have a complete and total meltdown.


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