Late Adopter

I was beyond hesitant to try using an e-reader.  I loved the feel of a book in my hand, the musty smell of the paper, and the ability to quickly flip through pages to see where the next chapter began.  But in the end, I had to admit that it simply wasn’t practical to bring four months worth of books overseas when M and I were packing for Singapore.  That’s how it began.

I don’t know when I fully embraced this newfangled technology, but I realized last night that there is one amazing thing about e-readers that I’ve come to depend on: I can read in the dark!  This has revolutionized the bedtime routine that was utterly disrupted when I started accommodating M’s bedtime routine.  He can drift off to sleep, and I can (unobtrusively) read in the dark.

Of course, I still love books, and there are some ways in which digital copies will never compare.  (Notably, there’s not worry about a book’s battery dying in the middle of a 13-hour flight!)  Still, I can only imagine how this would have changed my world as a child–forget all the nights huddled under the covers with a book and a flashlight, heart pounding as I heard my mother’s footsteps approaching the bedroom door, switching off the light in case she checked–I was a skeptic, but I am now a true convert!

6 thoughts on “Late Adopter

    1. I’m with you–for all the convenience, even the best e-reader can’t replace the feel of reading a real book! If someone could invent a device that combined the compactness of an e-reader with the feel and smell of a real book, I would be on board in a minute!

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    1. I am that terrible person who loves walking through bookstores, but never buys anything… and then laments that bookstores are going out of business! It’s somewhat comforting to know that someone is still holding out and supporting them!


  1. I still haven’t tried this ebook thing mainly because I am too stubborn to switch or adapt to it but since getting an ipad, I feel like I’d give ebooks a go. I also loved it when you said that you can read in the dark! It’s a whole different level!!!

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    1. Believe me, I was clinging to my beloved stash of books and really resisted using an e-reader at first! The only reason I tried it at all was because it’s so much more convenient than filling your suitcase with books when you travel… but now I love it! Still, you have to do what works for you. There are amazing things about reading a hard copy of a book that can’t be replaced by an e-reader!


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