It’s Alive!!!

computer is alive

After a few days of waiting patiently for my computer to dry, I tried starting it up today, and was excited to find out that it still works!  (For the record, if your computer gets wet, you should do this.  If you, like me, can’t take your computer apart, you just dry it the best you can, give it some time for any water trapped inside to evaporate, and hope for the best.)  So far everything seems to work okay, and I’m feeling extremely lucky!


4 thoughts on “It’s Alive!!!

    1. My initial reaction was to freak out, but by the time I finished cleaning up the water (which was literally all across the room!) I decided to Google solutions first and freak out later… but I definitely spent a very nerve-wracking three days waiting for my computer to dry before attempting to turn it on again!

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