Things I Don’t Feel Bad about Quitting

I used to be fastidious about finishing every book I started and completely cleaning my plate at the dinner table.  (My parents were a bit old school)  However, I’ve since learned to shrug off the guilt about abandoning certain things half-way.  Here are a few examples:

  1.  Desserts–as much as I hate wasting food, if it’s not even good for me why should I force myself to eat it?
  2. The Wheel of Time series–first one of my favorite characters died, then my interest in the series died.  When the author died, I realized that I was officially done with the series.
  3. The Sopranos, season 6–sometimes a good TV show just becomes… unwatchable.  It happened with Community, and M and I forced ourselves to suffer through every miserable episode of season 5.   It wasn’t worth it.
  4. This list–I originally planned to write 5 items (five is a nice round number!) but it’s late, and… well… it is what it is!

Some things are worth seeing through to the end, but life is too short to sink your time into activities that are unrewarding.


3 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Feel Bad about Quitting

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I used to commit myself to finishing every single book I started reading… but life is too short to trudge through things you don’t enjoy when there are so many wonderful things out there! It’s kind of hard to shift into the mindset that quitting is okay, but you should never feel guilty about trying to get the most out of life! 🙂

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