The Invisible Storm

After a long, frigid spring, June decided that some warmth and sunlight was long overdue and plunged my city into a brutal heat wave.  Even with the windows open and fans pointed directly at us, it was hard to sleep last night–but it’s a welcome change from the cold.

All day at work, I admired the long-absent sunshine through the window.  It wasn’t until I was almost home from work, turning off the highway and onto a local access road, that I realized something strange had happened. A huge branch had fallen across the road, blocking one of the lanes.  I steered around it.  A few blocks later, another downed branch blocked a sidewalk.

I passed the park, the ground was littered with broken branches, leaves, and limbs thick enough to be tree trunks, as if some giant had smashed them in a fit of rage.  In front of the library, a tree was split nearly down the middle, and children played, jumping over the thick log and weaving through the protruding branches.  I drove through a huge puddle, and finally connected the dots.

As I parked my car and pushed my way past a branch obstructing my usual spot, I had a strange feeling that I was still missing something.  A sort of ominous “wait for it…” feeling.

I stopped at the mailbox on the way in, surprised to see a package among the junk mail and catalogues.  I was still pondering its contents when I pushed the door of the apartment open and entered oppressive heat and humidity of our third floor apartment.  Even with all the windows open, the breeze did nothing to…

And that’s when I saw that our back room was completely soaked by rain–table, chairs, floor and, worst of all, my open laptop.  I don’t know whether to be more amazed by insane angle the rain must have been blowing to reach the far side of the room, or by my own stupidity in leaving my computer within five feet of an open window.  Either way, my computer is out of commission–at least until it’s had a reasonable amount of time to dry out.



3 thoughts on “The Invisible Storm

    1. I’ve never experienced anything like it–I was never even in the path of the storm, so from my perspective it was bright and sunny all day! My husband works in the city so he got caught in it though :/


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