“I was born here, but I don’t want to die here”

There’s a certain kind of story that fascinates me—the story of someone who, for their entire life, has felt a deep urge to pursue a specific path in life.  Often, this path is risky, unconventional, and hard to explain to others.  Maybe they’ve been discouraged from pursuing it, were anxious to begin, or faced ridicule from others—but in the end, they felt they had no choice but to take a leap of faith.

The title of this post is something my mother’s cousin said at a recent family dinner.  He and his wife had recently made the spontaneous decision to move from the state where they’d lived their entire lives to Florida to retire—not because it was practical, but because it was a new experience he needed to have to make his life feel complete.  Even though it meant moving away from friends and family and starting over late in life, they took the risk of starting over somewhere new.

In my own life, such moments of single-minded clarity have been few and far between.  However, there have two in particular—two times when I felt my path ahead was so clear that any difficulties in pursuing it seemed to fall away.  One was during my final year of college, when I was still unsure of my career but felt deeply that I should spend a few years abroad—an impulse that felt so natural to me that it never occurred to me that anyone else might think it was unusual.  And then, there was the night I met my husband… I wouldn’t call it “love at first sight,” but I remember thinking, as we greeted each other, “I could marry this man.”  To this day, I consider following through on these impulses the two best decisions I ever made!

I may not know what’s coming next, but I hope that someday inspiration will strike me again, and the path will become clear.  In the mean time, I’d love to hear from you!  Have you ever had moments like this—when you felt in your gut that life was pulling you irrevocably in an exciting new direction? Did you follow the call you felt, or did you ignore it?

6 thoughts on ““I was born here, but I don’t want to die here”

  1. I’ve felt the pull a couple times. Once when I knew I had to move to London to be happy (which worked out okay, I met my ex-fiance at least). Another recently when I boarded a random train to meet a man I knew nothing about, also seems to be working out okay. My impulses seem to be man based though so maybe I’m just scared of being alone! Good for your Mom’s cousin, the worst thing that can happen is they have to move back 🙂

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    1. Hey, that’s okay–my impulses seem to be man-based, too! (Remember, I’m someone who married a man I originally met on the internet…) I’m glad things seem to be working out with the train man! 🙂

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        1. To be honest, I’d never dated anyone for more than a few weeks before meeting him. Maybe a few months in one or two cases, but nothing really felt “right” until him. So, maybe it’s not that your attention span is short–it’s that the guys you’ve met are too boring! 😛


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