Birthday, Part 2

I’ve always had separate birthday celebrations for family and friends.  This year was the first birthday I’ve celebrated with two families—mine, and M’s.  Well, technically, we’ve become one family since the wedding, but this is the first time since then we’ve all gotten together.

We got together for a barbecue/pizza party in my mother-in-law’s back yard—finally using the beautiful space that was supposed to serve as the venue for our chaotically planned and nearly-rained-out wedding.  But the weather gods weren’t done tormenting us yet!  Sprinkles of rain throughout the day had us watching the skies nervously and wondering whether we’d have to move everything indoors, but the sun always returned.

The day was (to use a cliche) perfectly imperfect.  My parents and sister got stuck in traffic and were 45 minutes late.  My mother-in-law had lost the instructions to the outdoor pizza oven we had planned to use, and none of us knew exactly how to cook a pizza.  (Most of them turned out well in spite of it, although some were deliciously undercooked!)  We ended up with way too much food—there were grilled meat and hamburgers along with the five pizzas, two salads and a table full of side-dishes and desserts all for less than twenty people—but everyone found something to enjoy.  When the weather turned cold later in the day, we sat around the fire pit eating birthday cake and telling stories.  (And somehow, miraculously, everyone got along!)

I don’t know what to say in conclusion other than today was a truly wonderful day, and I feel lucky to have such an amazing group of people to call my family!

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