February Project Updates: Lunar New Year Edition


Monthly Project Updates are a series I began to hold myself accountable for finishing the many projects I start, and to document the ups and downs I encounter along the way. I hope it also makes for an entertaining or thought-provoking read!

Welcome to another Singapore edition of my Monthly Project Updates! Until I get back to my permanent home in the States, my January goals will have to take a back seat…

Enjoying Singapore on a Budget: 5 New Highlights

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

In Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, you can hike beautiful (if steep) trails through primary rainforest. The scale of some of the trees is breathtaking, and well worth the sore legs!

Singapore Botanic Gardens

I’ve visited the Botanic Gardens twice now, and still haven’t seen everything these amazing gardens have to offer. Highlights include the Orchid Garden ($5 entrance fee), the Bonsai Garden, and the Evolution Trail.



A must-see at any time of year, Chinatown was packed with people in the days surrounding Chinese New Year.

Sentosa Beach

A trip to Sentosa can be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be. M and I enjoyed the beach and nature walk, and the Fort Siloso museum, which were free. The only things we spent money on were water and ice cream served in coconuts, but the island contains a number of attractions including a wax museum, zip line, and beachfront bars and restaurants. Another attraction is the wild peacocks and monkeys roaming the island!

The Istana

Usually closed to the public, the Istana is the official residence of Singapore’s president and functions as a place to receive and entertain foreign diplomats. The mansion is surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens and a nine-hole golf course. On four days a year, the gardens are open to the public for a $2 entrance fee.


I’ve continued to work on writing my first novel, and continued to learn from my novice mistakes! Although I’m making progress toward the end of the story, I’ve had to go back and fix a few things, as well as take some time to plan out details about the characters and their backstory that I hadn’t thought through before.

My newest fear (because I’m always worrying about things) is that the story is too complicated to hold together well. The good news is that anything that goes wrong in the first draft can be fixed in the next draft, or the next… or the next. As long as I get the bones of this story down on the page, I’ll have something to work with and shape. I just have to stay committed to finishing!

Stay Politically Engaged

Okay, you caught me. This wasn’t one of my stated goals last time… but it is now. Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to keep track of the rapidly shifting political landscape and respond to it as well as I can. So far, I’ve focused on signing petitions and donating to groups that represent causes that I want to support. I’m hoping to do more once I return home, but for now, staying informed is the most important thing.

What projects have you worked on this month?  What projects are you taking on to help create the world you want to live in?

Note: All photographs used in this post are my own, with the exception of the stock photo at the top.

2 thoughts on “February Project Updates: Lunar New Year Edition

  1. Singapore! I think I may have told you a while ago that my grandma is from Singapore and my mom was born there. Beautiful country and amazing food! So cool to see your pictures and read about your adventures so far. If you are looking for a funs splurge, High Tea at Raffles Hotel is a must! 🙂

    I love that you’ve kept up with your Project posts! I’m fantastic at beginning things and particularly talented at not finishing them. heh. Working on that! 😉

    Lets see…my projects.. This month I’ve hopped back into the world of blogging after a five month hiatus. I’ve picked three writing competitions that I’ve committed to entering this year. They’re spread out over the year so I have no excuse not to get my submissions done! And lastly, but most importantly, I’m actively trying to find ways to involve my daughter with things around the house rather than throw the TV on or give her a toy so I can get things done faster. She’s so curious and wants to help. It takes about ten times longer, but she really loved being involved. A growing process for both of us!

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