Commitment Blues

  I’m not good at finishing things.  I get distracted, or bored, or lose focus when something new and shiny comes along.  I’m not proud of this, but it’s true. When I dig in and try to analyze this pattern, I suspect that I have a tendency to run from problems.  When things get difficult, … Continue reading Commitment Blues


When Your Characters Outsmart You

  I was deep into writing one of the central subplots of my novel, when suddenly the whole thing fell apart.  You see, I had presented my character with an obstacle, but the moment she came up against it she came up with a brilliant solution.  Problem solved. Unfortunately, my character’s stroke of brilliance presented … Continue reading When Your Characters Outsmart You

The Way Out Is Through

I've been struggling to write recently.  My novel has been limping forward as the doubts about what it will become loom larger and larger in my mind. I've always been very self-conscious about my writing.  Back when I was growing up, I used to save my stories on floppy disks (remember floppy disks?) which I … Continue reading The Way Out Is Through

November Project Updates: Singapore Edition!

Monthly Project Updates are a series I began when starting my blog.  It’s mostly a way for me to hold myself accountable for finishing the many things I start, but I hope it also makes for an entertaining or thought-provoking read!  My ultimate goal would be to have a group of bloggers share comments or … Continue reading November Project Updates: Singapore Edition!

Life on the Island… So Far

I’ve been neglecting this blog… I can’t explain why exactly.  I know that when I procrastinate it tends to be tied to anxiety.  I think that I’ve always tried to have a sense of direction in this blog, and lately I’ve felt a little disoriented. Singapore is beautiful—I fell in love immediately!  It’s a thoroughly … Continue reading Life on the Island… So Far