Commitment Blues

  I’m not good at finishing things.  I get distracted, or bored, or lose focus when something new and shiny comes along.  I’m not proud of this, but it’s true. When I dig in and try to analyze this pattern, I suspect that I have a tendency to run from problems.  When things get difficult, … Continue reading Commitment Blues

When Your Characters Outsmart You

  I was deep into writing one of the central subplots of my novel, when suddenly the whole thing fell apart.  You see, I had presented my character with an obstacle, but the moment she came up against it she came up with a brilliant solution.  Problem solved. Unfortunately, my character’s stroke of brilliance presented … Continue reading When Your Characters Outsmart You

November Project Updates: Singapore Edition!

Monthly Project Updates are a series I began when starting my blog.  It’s mostly a way for me to hold myself accountable for finishing the many things I start, but I hope it also makes for an entertaining or thought-provoking read!  My ultimate goal would be to have a group of bloggers share comments or … Continue reading November Project Updates: Singapore Edition!

Life on the Island… So Far

I’ve been neglecting this blog… I can’t explain why exactly.  I know that when I procrastinate it tends to be tied to anxiety.  I think that I’ve always tried to have a sense of direction in this blog, and lately I’ve felt a little disoriented. Singapore is beautiful—I fell in love immediately!  It’s a thoroughly … Continue reading Life on the Island… So Far