Lessons from Summer Camp

soccer ball

Playing soccer in your “teacher clothes” leads to unexpected challenges:

  • Your flats will fly off your feet every time you try to kick the ball. Every time.
  • Removing your shoes will allow you to play better, but leaves your feet exposed to bee stings. And since the soccer field is 50% clover, there are plenty of disgruntled bees around.
  • You may attempt a kick wider than your pencil skirt can accommodate. This will not end well. Your leg will be yanked out from under you, and you will flip over backwards and land hard. (Luckily, this will not affect the direction of the soccer ball, and your completed pass may become the assist to a goal!)
  • However, several bruises and bee stings later, you may earn the respect of your campers, and even a cool nickname!

One thought on “Lessons from Summer Camp

  1. Ha. I love this! My husband and I worked with youth for many years and there were definitely a couple of times my outfit was not ideal. Way to not let that stop you! It will make a biggest impact than you know.

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