A Badly-Kept Secret, and an Almost Disaster

Just when you think things are starting to go smoothly, life throws you a new challenge just to keep things interesting... I was riding a wave of excitement after identifying clothes and books I wanted to discard--my home was getting tidier, and I was finally making progress on a project that had stumped me for … Continue reading A Badly-Kept Secret, and an Almost Disaster


Ask the Right Questions, Part 1: De-cluttering Your Life

If you follow this blog, you already know that I’ve struggled with clutter for a long time.  I’m not good at getting letting go of things, even if they’re broken or unnecessary, or have outlasted their usefulness. However, within the past week, I’ve thrown away or donated eight trash bags full of clothes and four … Continue reading Ask the Right Questions, Part 1: De-cluttering Your Life

The Art of Letting Go

Summer camp is over, and I’m once again home during the days—left alone to build the foundation of a new life. I’m hoping to find some kind of part-time or temporary job soon, but in the meantime I’m focusing on conquering a few personal demons. I’ve previously written about my struggles with keeping my apartment … Continue reading The Art of Letting Go

Lessons from Summer Camp

Playing soccer in your “teacher clothes” leads to unexpected challenges: Your flats will fly off your feet every time you try to kick the ball. Every time. Removing your shoes will allow you to play better, but leaves your feet exposed to bee stings. And since the soccer field is 50% clover, there are plenty of disgruntled … Continue reading Lessons from Summer Camp