A Direction, Not a Destination

I’ve been feeling tense lately–the kind of tense that makes me rigid and clumsy, and has me constantly on edge and as if the world could crumble beneath my feet at any second.  Things have been a bit rocky–not just with wedding planning, but with my personal goals as well.  I feel like I’m always a few steps behind, and that the distance between where I am and where I *should* be is growing at a constant, inexorable pace.

It was in the middle of this slight breakdown that one of my friends invited me to try a new yoga class.  Eager to get out of my apartment and out of my own head, I took her up on the offer–and I’m so glad I did!  I needed that reminder to engage each moment with curiosity rather than judgment, to be patient with myself as I am, and to take my time.  The teacher said something that struck a chord: “Remember, each pose is a direction, not a destination.  There is no specific goal for this moment, but to reach out in that direction and explore the new sensations it brings.”

It’s easy to feel like we’re on the wrong track in life, or that we’re not measuring up in some way.  However, if our lives are moving in the right direction–toward alignment with our values and dreams–we should let go of our expectations of a “destination” and enjoy the beauty of the moment!

taichee, yoga, fitness, stretching, exercise, silhouette, shadow, dusk, sky, people
photo by Patrick Hendry


5 thoughts on “A Direction, Not a Destination

  1. As I live moment to moment, I feel time goes faster and slower at the same time. As I look forward to the next adventure that God has in store for me, I realize that my expectations are small in comparison to what is revealed to me through the relationships I hold close to me. Being patient as I develop and hone into my skills, I find solace in knowing I am okay with awaiting my true ‘destination’.

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