Wedding Planning Bloopers: “Celebrate With Us!”

M and I have less than 100 days left before the big day, and we’re scrambling to tie up loose ends!  Every task on our two-page to-do list seems to grow exponentially more complicated the moment we try to tackle it. To make things worse, it seems that for everything that goes right, there’s an equal and opposite thing that goes wrong.

Please enjoy these cautionary tales—because (if you’re like me) what you save by forgoing a wedding planner you ultimately lose in sanity!

October Is the New June

Many thoughtful brides make arrangements with local hotelsNo Vacancy by Paul Hudson to make lodging and transportation more convenient for out of town guests. If you plan ahead, you can get fantastic deals at wonderful establishments. If you don’t… you get what you get! I thought I was ahead of the game—with an off-season wedding, there would be plenty of empty hotel rooms, and I’d be raking in the savings, right? Turns out, I could not have been more wrong! The first few hotels I found were entirely booked, or too booked to hold rooms for a wedding party. The reason? October is becoming an increasingly popular month for weddings. One hotel clerk apologized as she explained to me “There are eight other wedding parties reserving rooms at our hotel that weekend. October is the new June!” It took several hours, but eventually I was able to secure a block of rooms at a reasonably located, reasonably priced hotel—without a history of bedbugs!

Your Wedding Is… Where?

“And there’s one thing I should warn you about…” I interject nervously before the caterer hangs up.


“If you use Google Maps to get to our venue, it will take you to the wrong address…”

Yup—type the address into Google Maps, and you’ll end up a good half-mile down the road from the actual location. The street where our wedding will take place was re-numbered about 20 years ago, and apparently Google used the old numbers when labeling the street. We’ve reported the discrepancy, and can only hope that it will be fixed before all of our vendors, caterers, and guests show up at the doorstep of a random neighbor!

It’s not the surname you deserve… but it’s the one you need right now.

M and I went back and forth for long time before deciding what to do about our new last name. I’m attached to my name. He’s attached to his name. I’m willing to hyphenate—but he’s not. He wants a short name. We both want to share a last name. After months of talking in circles and putting off the decision, M decided to take my last name. Because it’s cooler. Because we want our future kids to have a cool last name. However, when M broke the news to his family that he was changing his name, there were strong objections. And tears. And so, we will be starting our lives together with a combined, 16-letter surname. Sorry future kids!


But not really sorry because I like the way our last names sound together, and I’ve always thought long last names were really cool!

“Celebrate with us!!!”

Wedding, Couple, Wedding Party, Celebration

M and I decided that with such short notice for our wedding, it didn’t make sense to send out both Save the Dates and invitations. To get the word out fast, we decided to send an “evite” to friends and family, to let them know when and where the wedding would take place. Great in theory—but problematic if you’re blind-sided by some unexpected features of evites! First, the evite didn’t list the year—a rather important detail! Second, there’s no clear information about bringing “plus ones” or “guests.” (This is not Evite’s fault—if we’d thought it through, we would have included this information in our customized message)

Finally, and most hilariously, the evite format included a place to list the “host” of the event, and wouldn’t let us leave it blank. “M and Addie’s wedding, hosted by M and Addie” sounded awkward and repetitive. “M and Addie’s wedding, hosted by M’s mom” sounded juvenile. Finally, we decided to replace the “host” with a fun message: “Celebrate with us!”

We looked at the template, and it looked cute. We wrote our message, and double-triple-quadruple checked it to get the tone and wording just right. We sent it out.

Apparently, the host’s name gets repeated at the end of the customized message: “M and Addie are getting married! Come celebrate with us at [location] on [date.] We hope you can make it! Celebrate with us!” Oh, that fine line between cute and creepy gets crossed so quickly when you accidentally repeat the same phrase THREE TIMES!!! To make it even better, every email we send out (updates about the correct year, the “plus ones,” the misrepresented location, and the hotel situation…) lists the sender as “Celebrate with us!”

Luckily, our guests were able to overlook our awkwardness, and we already have several RSVPs! M and I are eagerly awaiting our big day—hoping that everything comes together and that everyone makes it to the right place!

12 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Bloopers: “Celebrate With Us!”

  1. I feel your pain!! But for every “mistake” you make while planning, the more you’ll start to anticipate when making the final arrangements. Some of mine: We didn’t put a name line on the rsvp cards and people sent them back without writing their names on them or putting return address labels on the envelopes, resulting in a big headache figuring out our mystery guests; I made 9 table numbers instead of 10, and had to dig crafting supplies out of the trash the next day to make the final number (nobody noticed); I accidentally registered for the wrong wine cooler and now we have a box the size of a refrigerator sitting in our living room! It’s stressful in the moment, but on the day of, your mind will be on anything but how awkward your save the dates were!

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