July Project Updates!


June flew by, and suddenly it’s that time again!  I honestly don’t know if these posts are interesting to anyone who reads this blog… If you do read/skim/glance at this post, please let me know your thoughts!  My ultimate goal would be to have a group of bloggers share comments about their monthly progress and successes–or even link to posts about their own project updates.  There’s power in solidarity, and it would be a fun way to connect!

Anyway, for now, it’s just me and the six goals I’ve set for myself–which have somewhat shifted since I began writing this blog.

Goals Big and Small:

1.  Downsizing

This is going to get embarrassing if I have to keep saying month after month that I haven’t done anything yet.  I haven’t done anything yet.  I have a box of books and a bag of clothes to donate, but they haven’t quite made it out of the apartment yet…

2.  Plan the wedding

There are some wonderful things about marrying someone with whom you have a lot in common–they can appreciate your quirks and your weird sense of humor.  However, when two indecisive people get together, planning a wedding becomes a nightmare!  We’re currently sitting on 3 different contracts while shopping around, and we’ve yet to officially book anything.  We’ve designed lovely save-the-dates, but we haven’t sent them out yet.  Every few days, we’ll talk to a vendor and get sticker shock so badly that we start to panic and wonder whether having a wedding makes sense at all… but we’re staying the course, and we’re making progress!

On a related note, I’ve been watching the show Rich Bride, Poor Bride on Hulu (you know, for research…) so I’ve been inspired by couples who pull off a beautiful wedding on a shoe-string budget.  However, one sweet couple walked in with a budget of $15,000 and ended up spending over $26,000… I almost cried!

3.  Music

I haven’t been the best about practicing lately–ironic, since I posted about the importance of practice so recently!  I’ve been in my head a lot, stressed over quitting my job and worrying about what’s coming next.

I’ve become obsessed with the song Reaper by Sia, an amazing song about overcoming the dark times in life.  I’ve been learning the vocals and tentatively accompanying myself on the piano, which has been a lot of fun!  Also working on Loneliness Is Worse by Veruca Salt, and Remedy by Adele.


As fun as it has been to dabble, I feel like I never learn a song with more than  80% accuracy… which musically speaking is not very good!  Part of the problem is that I’m still not very good at singing and playing at the same time.  I’m fine when I simplify the piano to base notes and chords, but then I get bored and start trying to add in more rhythms and harmonies, inevitably distracting from my singing… and well… it’s all downhill from there!  My next goal will be to learn songs well enough that I can record and share them here.

4.  Career

dream job.jpg
I wish it were this easy!


Well, there’s the long term, and the short term here.  The short term goal is to get a decent job for the next few months while I figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.  The long term goal would be to start down a new career path.  This might be an area where progress is slow for a while…

5.  Friendship

Last month, I set the goal of being a better friend.  There have been too many times over the years that I let life get in the way of friendships, and have drifted apart from people who were once very important to me.  Well, having a few weeks off has been a great opportunity to reach out to people I haven’t seen in ages!  I’m looking forward to connecting and reconnecting with many friends over the next few weeks, and prioritizing these connections over the grind of everyday life.

6. Writing

writing, writer, notes, pen, notebook, book, girl, woman, people, hands, grass, outdoors

As much as I’ve been enjoying writing this blog, I feel like I’ve been a bit undisciplined about it.  I’d like to start posting on a regular schedule, maybe twice a week.  We’ll see if I can stick to it!

As inspiration, one of my former co-workers was also a blogger.  Coincidentally, she ended up quitting her job at the school at the same time as me.  Her reason: her blog had translated into a huge book deal!  I’m so happy for her, and inspired by everything she’s accomplished!


What projects are you working on this month?  What big and small goals keep you inspired?

2 thoughts on “July Project Updates!

  1. Quakers do rather lovely weddings. No special clothes, and a bring-and-share lunch for the worshippers. It’s cheap, and the fellowship is warm and lovely. And I saw a lovely Swedish custom: women there do not wear bonnets, but still keep the tradition of the mother of the bride putting a married woman’s bonnet, rather than a maiden’s, on her daughter after the ceremony.

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