Dependency, and Other Fears

They say, "Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it." Singapore sounded like a grand adventure--until I realized that I'll be there on a dependent visa.  Cue panic attack!  I wasn't planning to work full-time while living there.  At most, I hoped to work part-time or teach a few lessons a week.  Well, now … Continue reading Dependency, and Other Fears


Ugly Feelings and the Dinner from Hell, Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of the story… The Dinner from Hell. (Click here for part 1!) When M’s secretly-but-not-so-secretly-in-love-with-him female friend moved away, I breathed a sigh of relief. One less thing to worry about! But then she came back for a weekend. It turned out that the three of us we were … Continue reading Ugly Feelings and the Dinner from Hell, Part 2

Ugly Feelings and the Dinner from Hell, Part 1

I occasionally suffer from bouts of extreme paranoia where M is concerned. The rational side of me knows there is nothing to worry about—he’s a good guy, we’re so good together, and he wouldn’t be marrying me if he were exploring other options. But sometimes it’s hard to shut down the little voices. Even the … Continue reading Ugly Feelings and the Dinner from Hell, Part 1

Wedding Planning Bloopers: “Celebrate With Us!”

M and I have less than 100 days left before the big day, and we're scrambling to tie up loose ends!  Every task on our two-page to-do list seems to grow exponentially more complicated the moment we try to tackle it. To make things worse, it seems that for everything that goes right, there’s an equal … Continue reading Wedding Planning Bloopers: “Celebrate With Us!”

July Project Updates!

June flew by, and suddenly it's that time again!  I honestly don't know if these posts are interesting to anyone who reads this blog... If you do read/skim/glance at this post, please let me know your thoughts!  My ultimate goal would be to have a group of bloggers share comments about their monthly progress and successes--or … Continue reading July Project Updates!