5 Ways to Ruin a Summer

The last day of school has come and gone, and I have just entered my last ever summer break.  That's two months of freedom--a wide-open ocean of possibilities!  Sounds great, right?  Well, it absolutely is, unless you're like me and immediately start stressing about how to make this summer count! As I enter this state … Continue reading 5 Ways to Ruin a Summer

The Reckoning

The secret is out, and the news that I’m not renewing my contract for another year is spreading through the school like ripples on a pond. When my co-workers ask why I’m leaving, I smile and say, “My fiancé was offered a position in Singapore!” But anyone who’s followed this blog for more than a … Continue reading The Reckoning

The Vulnerability of Imperfection

“Practice makes perfect.” You’ve heard it before, haven’t you? The popularity of this saying probably comes from the certainty and positivity it suggests. Do this, get that. Easy peasy. The day to day reality of practicing can be grueling, but if “practice makes perfect,” it’s worth the time and effort. However, far from an opportunity … Continue reading The Vulnerability of Imperfection


There's only one thing that justifies my decision to title this blog post like an Adele album--it's my birthday, and I'm beginning a new decade of life! 30 feels like a big turning point.  I honestly didn't expect it to--I've been mentally rounding up my age for years.  First, it was when I turned 26 … Continue reading 30