Moving On

I told my fiancé that I was thinking of changing careers.  I was terrified of having the conversation because I always valued the stability of our life together.  I worried that making a change like this could upset the balance.  He already supports me in so many ways–I didn’t want add to his burden!

In the end, he was very supportive.  “We both need to be happy to be a happy couple,” he told me.  I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment, but I still worry that he’s being overly accommodating.  He has a tendency toward self-erasure.

So, it’s semi-official.  I plan to leave my job at the end of the contract.  I’m not entirely sure what I will do next, but I have a few ideas.  In the mean time, I’m trying to cut back on expenses.  I may end up with a smaller salary, and I still have a few thousand in loans to pay off.

And now, I go timidly in the direction of my dreams…

5 thoughts on “Moving On

    1. Thanks for your interest! I am incredibly indecisive, and still haven’t narrowed down my choices, but I am considering jobs that would leave me with more free time, or ones connected with my interests (writing and music).

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