Getting Started

writingI’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time, but I’ve never had anything to offer up except my entirely unexceptional life.  So now, I’m not going to write about who I am, aside from the basics, but mostly about my hopes and fears, and the progress I make toward living a fuller, richer, happier life.

The Basic Structure of My Life:

  • Late 20’s
  • I love/hate my job
  • I live with my wonderful fiancé
  • We hope to marry next year, but haven’t set a date yet

Top 3 Hopes:

  • To find a better work-life balance
  • To make time for creative pursuits–primarily music and writing
  • To marry my wonderful fiancé

Top 5 Fears:

  • That I will never be truly good at anything
  • That I will life my life haunted by the feeling that I’m missing opportunities
  • That I will never find a place in my life where I’m happy and at ease
  • That the fiancé and I will discover that we have incompatible goals
  • That the fiancé will leave me for his ex (or, for any reason)

Okay, so not so polished, put honest.  These are some of the things I will be writing about, if I continue with this project.  As well as the following:

Goals Big and Small:

  • Finish sorting through and cleaning and throwing away old things
  • Choose a wedding venue, date, and all the rest
  • Learn to sing and play the piano at the same time
  • Get to a comfortable place in my career
  • Keep my apartment cleaner
  • Maybe someday write a book

Updates to come!


5 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. You have soe beautiful images and wonderful goals. Good luck in accomplishing all of them. I lookforward to hearing from you. I also meant to thank you for the follow, as the late as the comment is.
    Happy writing! -Author S


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