The value of a good mistake.

Today, I bring you a post from the brilliant and witty Ampycom. This post in particular resonated with me as I find myself at a crossroads facing bigger challenges and taking on more risks. Please enjoy–and check out her blog!


I once made a mistake that cost my company about $100,000.

At the time, I don’t think I was making $10,000 a year.

My boss should have fired me. Her boss certainly thought so. But she didn’t. She hugged me and said, “Kid, if you’re going to make a mistake, make sure it’s a big one.”

In the six years I worked for that company, I made them a couple of million dollars. Maybe a couple of couple. Had she fired me, that’s money they would never have made. She knew that, and God bless her, she always remembered it. I worked for her for a few more years, and throughout the rest of my career,  some of the most enthusiastic job recommendations I ever received came from her.

Did I ever make that mistake again?

Hell, NO.

You learn from the big mistakes. They force you to analyze your…

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Confidence! (or the lack thereof)

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